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Ulf Thorsten Zierau

Ulf Thorsten Zierau

Founder and CEO of SAPHENION®, Berlin / Rostock, Deutschland

Professional Experiences:

Study of medicine at Humboldt University of Berlin / Charitè 1982-1988, Master Thesis 1986 (Prof. Klaus Bürger) - The Leriche – Syndrom. Promotion Thesis 1988 (Prof. Klaus Bürger) - Guidelines of Thrombosis Prophylaxis at the Charitè Hospital. Specialist training surgery 1988-1994 (Prof. Helmut Wolff). Specialist training vascular surgery and Phlebology 1994 - 1996 at Mühlenberg Klinik Malente ( Dr. Künkel) and 2. University Hospital Köln (Prof. Troidl), Workshop endovascular catheter therapy at Stanford - University 1995

Hospitations at department of interventional radiology in Hospital Berlin - Buch . Head of vascular surgery at City Hospital Gransee / Brandenburg. Founder and CEO of SAPHENION - Vascular Surgery and Vein Care Center Berlin 1997. Founder and CEO of  SAPHENION - Vein Care Center Rostock since 2012. Experiences in endovascular therapy of arteries. Catheter therapy in arteries since 1995 - 2010 -  endovascular treatments in pelvic and femoral and popliteal arteries, imlantation of stents. Experiences in phlebology /endovenous theapy. Catheter therapy in veins since 2002 . Conventional surgery of stripping and phlebectomy in over 15.000 cases  (until 2012). Laser  ablation (2002 - 2008) of 2.200 veins. Radio wave catheter of 2.600 truncal veins (2008-2018), VenaSeal - Closure  sealing varicose veins in 2352 truncal veins and 1249 patients (since 1st. August 2012)